Transform Fear into Power

With all that is happening in the world right now, I want to share this upcoming class ABSOLUTELY FREE to those who feel called to it.

Literally, you are welcome to join for free, watch the entire class, and cancel if you want. I just wanted to open it up for you and those you who may find some power within it. It is so important to me to be able to give in whatever way I can during this difficult time – and this is the best way I know how to do that. I hope you’ll join us.

100% FREE class on transforming fear into power! Scheduled for March 21, 2020

Want More Info on Charm School?  

What is charm School?

Charm School is a monthly online training program that teaches magick and connection to witches who are really serious about broadening their magickal journey and are willing to invest in their own spiritual and magical development. 

Whether you’re just beginning, confused from time to time, or you just need a different perspective to broaden your spiritual scope, Charm School will challenge you to grow and thrive with your practice.

How Does charm school Work?

Charm School sessions are posted monthly and consist of members-only online video trainings with me each month, scheduled before the new moon, a beautifully designed monthly workbook and some always magical Charm School-only bonuses! All of the training is online and contained in the private Charm School member-only site. Charm School members can view past and current training videos and additional bonus content for life.

What you get every month when you sign up for charm School

  • This month’s class on ‘Transforming Fear into Power’ for FREE (cancel anytime, seriously, no strings at all)
  • Admission to my monthly training, scheduled before the new moon, where I will discuss:

    – What’s happening in the universe and in nature
    – Upcoming sabbats (if applicable)
    – Correspondences
    – Ideas for spells/ritual themes for the month
    – How to use magick to work with the month’s overarching theme
    – And more…

  • Monthly workbook outlining the month’s class and offering exercises to further develop on the month’s lesson
  • A lifetime 15% discount to my store Red Witch Apothecary
  • BONUS content every month touching on a range of magical topics