At the start of the new year (and new decade at that!), many of us are reflecting on our lives and conjuring up grand plans for our futures. Along with setting new goals and outlining new dreams comes the need for extra manifestation power.

Few spiritual tools are as versatile and energetically powerful as crystals. The use of crystals can clear blockages, align your spirit with the divine, open doors, amplify intention and clear negative energy. These are all important aspects of manifestation and today I’m going to share my top 5 favorite crystals for creating the perfect environment for manifesting.

Malachite | Clearing Blockages

Malachite is one of my favorite stones period – but even more so for manifesting purposes. Its deep green color and intricate and dynamic patters invite you in spiritually. Malachite is a transformation stone which is perfect for revealing spiritual blockages and creating the change you’re seeking.

Amethyst | Connecting with the Divine

Amethyst has been used for hundreds of years to connect with the spirit realm. Amethyst opens you up and clears spiritual pathways to your spirt guides, deities, and the energy of the universe. Its high vibration brings a bright and powerful energy that creates a great space for meditation and connection – allowing you to connect with more ease.

Green Aventurine | Opportunity and Opening Doors

Green aventurine is often called the “stone of opportunity” and for good reason. Not only is this stone a great luck attractor, but it also has the power to turn negative situations around, creating opportunity from what may have seemed a dead end.

Clear Quartz | Amplification of Energy

Clear quartz is a powerhouse of a crystal. It is one of the most widely used crystals due to its potent and high vibrational energy. Clear quartz brings your energy up to its level and amplifies any intention/spell. Especially great to use when you need an extra boost of power for big goals.

Black Tourmaline | Protection from Negative Energy

Known for its ability to absorb and transform negative energy, black tourmaline is one of the best protection stones out there. When you’re trying to manifest, it’s important to have some help in keeping negative energy and thoughts at bay. Black tourmaline’s protective energy will aid you with this and also help keep you grounded.

As always, these are the crystals that work best for me. If you feel there are different crystals that work better for these purposes for you, please use those and get to manifesting your dreams <3

Happy new year and best of luck creating what you desire.