Today I’m going to share a healing love meditation.

To forgive is the hardest thing many of us will ever do, but the relief, joy and love felt afterwards are so worth doing it.

Here is an overview of my forgiveness love mediation (I will be posting a more detailed guided meditation on my blog later this month) Sit and do this each day if you have feelings of anger and resentment towards someone in your life. These emotions do not serve you, only love can bring your spirit peace.

💗 Sit in a comfortable position and light some red or pink candles. Hold a piece of rose quartz if you have one (optional). Close your eyes.
💗 Breathe deeply and imagine a warm pink energy of love filling your body with each inhale, and imagine all the hurt, jealousy, anger, resentment being forced out as you exhale.
💗 Once centered in love, imagine a beautiful door – behind it is the highest good of the person you need to forgive. Imagine walking through the door to see them smiling and holding a hand out to you. You take it. Now, express your feelings to the person and say why you have not been able to forgive them. Imagine them kindly saying, “I understand you. I’m so sorry.” As you hear this, feel a bright warm light rise up from your heart and create a sphere of light around you both. Feel this light connect your hearts and radiate unconditional love between them. With each breath, this love energy gets stronger until it is so strong that all feelings of hate, anger resentment and jealousy dissolve. You feel those toxic feelings fading from your being. Notice how free that feels. Look the person in the eyes, smile lovingly and say “I release you to live your highest good. I forgive you. I love you.” Repeat 3 times. Take as much time as you need, then gently open your eyes, smiling.

I hope this helps you to heart heal and brings you closer to days filled with nothing but love ✨💗✨ Until next time!