Ah, the full moon – a time of enchantment, emotion, and energy! This is such an intense time of the month, which can be good or bad, depending on what you choose to focus on. The full moon amplifies the energies around us and in our spellwork, which is why many witches choose to perform rituals during certain moon phases.

One thing I do almost every full moon is to make moon water. Moon water is a beautiful magickal ingredient that is easy to make, but incredibly powerful. The concept is to infuse fresh water with the energy of the moon. This is usually done beneath a full moon as the full moon offers the most moonlight to charge your water with, but it can be made under other moon phases as well, depending on what you plan on using it for. Moon water can also take on the properties of the zodiac sign the moon is in at the time of creation.

With the arrival of the Super Snow Moon tomorrow, I felt it would be appropriate to share how I make moon water and some of the ways I like to use it. As always, the most powerful enchantments are the ones that come straight from within yourself, so if you feel the need to change anything about this, please do it! It will only turn out better.

How to Make Moon Water

What you need:

  • White sage wand
  • Transparent container with a lid
  • Fresh water, suitable for drinking
  1. Light your white sage wand and cleanse your container with the smoke. As the smoke flows around the container, imagine all negative energies disappearing.
  2. Fill the container with your water. As you pour the water into the container, imagine your intention, whatever it may be, also filling it up. Close the container with the lid.
  3. On the evening of the full moon, sit under the light of the moon with your water held close to your heart. Imagine your energy and intention flowing as a bright light into the water from within. Sit and meditate this way until it feels “full” of this light.
  4. Set the container outside somewhere where the moonlight can shine through it all evening.
  5. Thank the moon for charging your water with its energy in whatever way feels right to you.
  6. Leave the container outside overnight.
  7. Collect your moon water before sunrise the next morning, and there you have it! Freshly crafted moon water to use in your magickal workings.
  8. *Tip* You can do this ritual for 3 nights in a row for more potency (the night before the full moon, the night of the full moon, and the night after). If you’re pressed for time, just choose one of the evenings.

How to Use Moon Water

Now that you have your moon water, it might help to have some ideas for how to use it. These are just examples of a few of the many ways I like to use moon water, but really, you can use it for anything you feel would benefit from some powerful moon energy.

  • Spell work | I usually pour moon water into the chalice on my altar during spells.
  • Tea | Especially if you’re creating an herbal remedy for something, brewing your tea with moon water enhances the healing energies of the herbs.
  • Ritual Baths | Add some moon water to your bath water during a ritual bath to amplify the outcome of your ritual.
  • Cooking | For a little kitchen witchery, use moon water in your recipes to infuse them with magickal intention.
  • Water Plants | I especially love doing this for my herb garden. I use most of my plants for spells and watering them with moon water from time to time adds so much power to them

Enjoy the full moon! Let me know if you try this and/or how you use it! Until next time…